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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What are the benefits to our company if we get involved in the project? (Weaving Novitet, Bezdan)

The answer: This is a project where everyone involved in tourism should benefit because the increased promotion of our region will bring more tourists to all of us. Tourists who came, drawn by this subject are generally tourists who are curious to know the people, traditions, customs, and to have new experiences. Your facility falls into what is in tourism called the "industrial heritage". This clientele like that want to have in their programs elements of cultural tourism, such as churches and monasteries, galleries, architectural heritage, industrial heritage, museums, and farms, wine cellars and the like. They expect new experiences that would be very interesting and if they could try to weave bythemselves or to try a skill that is characteristic for weaving plants (for example, to cross :)).

2. Who needs to file nomination and when vintners include? - Woman from town in Srem

Answer: When the decision is made to file the nomination, you should make a deal with all the "key players" in the creation of the tourism product. Application form will not be easy to fill, and at the beginning you should make an agreement to divide the tasks: who will provide the information and who will enter the data in the application form and a list of contacts. Our advice is to first start by filling out the "easy" answers and then move on to the answers that require preparation and data collection. It is best to be in the project team of people who really care that their village is in the top 10. The team would be desirable to be made of people from the municipality, the tourism organizations, associations of citizens, CAS, owners of hotels, wineries, farms, docks ... We expect that each village has a candidacy. More candidacies would mean that the village really has no unity and that there are "camps" which would have bad infulence and would affect the final result. It would be logical that the carriers of candidacy are carriers of the local government (because that would mean their support for the project) but it is not required and it will not affect the rating.

Do not wait until the last minute because you will be risking to miss the deadline.

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