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Oranisation Structure

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Cluster Istar 21 is an association of tourism subjects and institutions / organizations interested in the development of tourism in the Vojvodina area of (upper) Danube and in northern Serbia with the aim of identifying the key elements of the tourism product, shaping regional offer of products, creating a common strategy for development and performance in the market, marketing information system and increase of competitiveness by adding value throughout the supply chain.

Cluster Istar 21 was established as an association for the promotion and development of tourism cooperation in the Danube region "Istar 21" and registered in the association of social organizations, political organizations, the registrarskom list no. 4625 numbered 13,307 held by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia.

 Other managementof the Association are:
- Board of Directors
- Supervisory Board
- Court of Honor

At the Meeting of the cluster held on 20.04.2011. it was concluded that the members of the Management and Supervisory Board failed to respond to the meeting and have not been active for the past year and a half (actually most of them have never even come to a meeting duly called though). The conclusion is that the new schedule will soon be an extraordinary session of the Assembly and vote for a new government. Then it was proposed to form a cluster other than the Board and working groups for specific areas of activity. Here is a proposal submitted to all members for comments and further suggestions. Below you can see a list of members of the old board of directors and the supervisory board. The proposal for the new administration:

For the Board (5 members need to be elected):

1. Dragomir Obradović, Banja Junaković
2. Zagorka Marković, VIP fond
3. Biljana Marčeta, Magelan corporation
4. Grozdana Pašin, President of the Association of Tourism Journalists of Vojvodina
5. Dejan Milosavljević, Zdravo Živo Belgrade, souvenirs

The Supervisory Board:

1. Slavica Marinković, Fijaker agency
2. Milan Radović, Luka Belgrade
3. Milan Stefanović, Vodomar, Smederevo

President of parliament:

Dragan Marčeta – former Chairman of the Board

Proposals for working groups

Nautical Tourism:

1. Krsta Pašković, NVO Dunavski propeler
2. Milan Stefanović, Vodomar
3. Milan Stevanović, The first steamboat society Belgrade
4. Milan Radović, Luka Belgrade
5. Milorad Timčenko, Pančevo, lighthouses
6. Petar Bogdanović, Danuvije, Beograd
7. Žika Sekulić, skela Ram

Wine tourism:

1. Nenad Aleksa Bermet
2. Boban Vuković, NVO Vitis Novi Sad
3. Žarko i/ili Borko Živanović, Sremski Karlovci
4. Nataša Budisavljević, Interfest – wine festival
5. Miroslav Stupar, restaurant winery Gudurička priča, Gudurica

Ecology and Natural Resources Development:

1. Božidar Batić, Ecologists Association of Fruška Gora
2. Ljuba Josić, National park Fruška gora
3. Slobodan Puzović, former (more recently) Regional Secretary for the Environment and Sustainable Development, the Institute for Nature Protection

Tourism in rural areas and private accommodation:
1. Duško Vidak, etno-eko kuća u Ćereviću
2. Ljubosava Štrba, etno kuća Ahoj u Bačkom Petrovcu
3. Tijana Tadić, VisitSerbia

Event tourism:

1. Nataša Budisavljević, Interfest
2. Slavica Marinković, Fijaker, Bačka Palanka
3. Milan Vučinić, ŽTP Belgrade (train Romantika)
4. Dejan Milosavljević, Zdravo Živo, Belgrade

Hotels and other accommodations:

1. Dragomir Obradović, Banja Junaković
2. Radomir Samčević, Agency consulting and management in the hospitality HT, Belgrade

3. Biljana Marčeta, Magelan, Novi Sad

Tourism Resources:

1. Stevan Gečevski, Titel
2. Živan Pašić, Čortanovci
3. Biljana Marčeta, Magelan, Novi Sad
4. Barbara, Turističko society Izletnik, Bezdan
5. Perica Luković, Tourist Society Grocka

6. Vladimir Djumić, Camping Association of Serbia

Old membership (still formally)

Members of the Board:

1. Dragan Marčeta, Direector of Cluster Istar 21
2. Biljana Marčeta , Association Secretary, Director General of Magelan Corporation

3. Gvozden Perković, Director of the Tourist Organization of Vojvodina
4. Nataša Pavlović, pomoćnik direktora Turističke organizacije Vojvodine
5. Dušan Vidak, osnivač TOV-a,
retiree and owner of eco-ethno club in Čerević
6. Žarko Živanović,  owner of honey and winery Museum in Sremski Karlovci

Members of the Supervisory Board:

1. Borko Živanovi, owner of honey and beekeeping Museum in Sremski Karlovci
2. Jasmina Iskrin Beljan,
Director of Tourism Organization in Sremski Karlovci
3. Milan Bilić, bookkeeper

4. Smiljka Letić, lawyer
5. Dragoslav Ristić, lawyer

Members of the Advisory Board:

1. Zorica Marić, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development
2. Marija Stanojević, Ministry of Economy and Regional Development
3. Željka Pudar, Tourist Organization of Serbia
4. Ljubomir Aleksić, Secretariat for Economy
5. Vladimir Pandurov, Secretariat for International Cooperation
6. Vanja Barišić-Jokovič, Waters of Vojvodina
7. Nebojša Matijašević, GTZ

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