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Mission - Role - Vision - Goals

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Mission - The creation of a strategic partnership between members of the cluster in order to create an authentic regional tourism product of this part of the Danube region that will be presented to the European market, and that will also be competitive and allow an increase in tourist traffic and profits of all members.

Gathering and mobilizing of members to actively participate in realisation of set objectives.

Provision of tourist experience and satisfaction for domestic and foreign tourists, creation of desirable tourist destination of the Danube and the northern Serbian with Increased economic benefits for all the cluster members.

Joining the Clusters Istar 21 tourism entities and institutions interested in the development of tourism in the Danube in Vojvodina want to help and create an authentic regional tourism product that could be placed on the European market, to be competitive and to enable an increase in tourist traffic and profits of all members.

The purpose of establishing the cluster is to bring together the most important tourist operators along the Danube that already created some market position and which would in this way want to create a positive competitive advantage over the other, to raise the quality of their services, participate in innovation and education, and to delegate part of its activities to other members of the cluster. Quality tourist product, what would the Danube Region should be, involves a number of different, individual services as a single product to perform tržištu.Naglašeno the association at all levels to implement the project as a member only joint appearance at the end, we create a single, overall quality and certainly product.

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