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Cluster Istar21 - About Us

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Cluster Istar21 - About Us

Cluster Istar 21 is an association for the promotion and development of tourism in the Danube region. It is founded in early 2008 with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia.

Cluster Istar 21 deals with the promotion of cooperation and the development of tourism in the Danube region, market research, creating tourism products, training employees in the tourism industry, tourism promotion and advertising. The cluster includes the area around the Danube River in Serbia and aims to present region as a single tourism product both on the domestic and international markets. With this goal, the project “Wealth of diversity” was started of which you will see more information on this site.

The Danube is currently one of the fundamental European values, and it is becoming the backbone of European cooperation and integration. Although it is not the largest, it is certainly the most important European river. Although only 25% of the Danube is in Serbia, it offers the potential for economic development is the unexploited wealth.
This area has significant natural and cultural resources for tourism development, which have not been adequately valorized.

Create clusters Istar 21 tourism entities and institutions interested in the development of tourism in the Danube in Vojvodina want to help create an authentic regional tourism product that could be placed on the European market, to be competitive and enable an increase in tourist traffic and profits of all members.

Cluster Istar 21 includes all municipalities along the Danube River, and entrepreneurs - caterers, boaters and owners of hotels, manufacturers and souvenir shops, travel agencies and organizations, manufacturers of wine, brandy and other food products and all other entities that make up the tourism industry and the supply products who can provide better placement of tourism offer on the Danube.

Given that this is an association that brings together a number of different companies, institutions and organizations, activities are at the level of members and the cluster as a whole. Effects to be achieved by the activities of the cluster are identification of key elements of the tourism product, shaping the product of local and regional supply according with the standards of the European and world markets, the acquisition and sale of prodcts at cluster-level and at the local level, improving marketing activities, construction and development of a common information system, securing the required funding, staff training, increase competitiveness by adding value throughout the chain, and the collaboration members on all possible levels.

Web site www.istar21.rs site provides information on all the cluster members, their products and services, as well as joint products and services of cluster as a whole. At the website of the cluster visitors can familiarize themselves with the cluster member’s offer, possibilities of cluster and its members, and also on planned activities and potential ways of cooperation. Cluster members in the site information about other members of the cluster, their activities, procurement of goods from the nearest members and other opportunities for cooperation.

Cluster members are in the database and on the website are divided according to the following categories (industries):
1. Accommodation facilities
2. Catering facilities
3. Manufacturers of drinks (wine, spirits, soft drinks, water)
4. Manufacturers of food products
5. Old crafts and traditional products
6. Souvenirs
7. Cultural Assets Control (ethno houses, archeological sites, museums, galleries, etc.).
8. Managers of protected areas (national parks, special reserves, nature reserves, hunting, etc.).
9. Tourism organizations
10. The event organizers
11. Spas
12. Sprot and recreational centers and associations
13. NGO’s dealing with tourism and nature protection
14. Marine
15. remaining

The Danube is in the database, and the site is divided into five functional areas (regions):
1. Upper Danube area (from Bezdan to B. Palanka)
2. Fruskogorsko podunavlje (from Čelarevo to Nova Pazova, both left and right side)
3. Belgrade with surrounding areas (from Batajnica to Grocka and left and right bank with Pancevo, Lazarevac ... - within 50 miles parameter)
4. Lower Danube area (from Smederevo to Golubac and both left and right side)
5. Iron Gate (from Lepenski Vir to Prahovo)

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