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Cluster Istar 21 is an association for the promotion and development of tourism in the Danube region. It is founded in early 2008 with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development of Serbia. ... Full story

History of Vojvodina and Panonian plain - Wealth of Diversity

The Danube region in Serbia was until three hundred years ago only sparsely populated due to its large areas of swampland and waterways. The Pannonian Plain, which bordered the left bank of the Danube, was 80% covered in water and unsuitable for habitation. ... Full story

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Selected new villages of the "Wealth of Diversity" project

Selected new villages of the "Wealth of Diversity" project

We would like to inform you on the selection of villages that have been selected for promotion to the Wealth of Diversity Project. ... Full story

Wealth of Diversity

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